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  • 03 Aug, 2017

A vacation well spent is one spent where when it is all over you wish you had another week or maybe an eternity, to stay.  That’s the feeling a visitor gets when staying at a luxury villa in Barbados and it is most definitely a vacation of a lifetime.

A combination of nature and modern day living can be felt whilst staying in a Barbados luxury villa; you may get a visit from the indigenous Barbados Green Monkey whilst sitting on your patio surfing the Web. You can enjoy the greens on our world famous courses or the Greenery in one of our UNESCO recognized flora sanctuaries.

There are capable personnel to totally pamper you so that you can truly immerse yourself in vacation mode.  From preparation of sumptuous meals, laundry, nanny services you can truly relax in the trustworthy care of trained personnel standing by for the sole purpose of taking care of you.

When you wish to get out and about you can go from a stroll in Farley Hill (UNESCO site) or Rum tasting at St. Nicholas Abbey – which is definitely a treat as Rum was created in Barbados - to a Rodeo Drive Style shopping experience at the Limegrove Mall.

Barbados is also more affordable than you think as we have villas that will cater to all whether you are on a budget or not. So take some time to visit Barbados as its culture, landscape, fauna and people will leave you with wonderful memories to last a life time.



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